The Person form

This is where you enter information about the given person.

The minimum amount of information you should enter is

The two comment fields are just for your own information, and will not appear on the diagram or index print-outs.

The marker can be enhanced with information about death or twin status, and a sibship can be grouped in two half-sibship groups.

If information about the spouses is available, a marker can be defined together with martial status, but this is completely optional. You enable the spouse marker by checking either Spouse 1 or Spouse 2. When you have done that you can select what marker should be used for this person, just as you do for the family person.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can define macros, activated by al Alt-X key combination, in the Macro setup form, found under the Edit menu. There you can define keys for common data parts for the persons.


Next to the Birth and Parent fields, you will find a set of Find Family buttons.

The Parent button will jump you to the parent of this person.

The First sib button will jump to the first person in the database that has the same parent (this could be this person). You can then use F3 (or Find Next) to jump through the sibship.

The First child button first will similarly jump to the first person in the database that has the current person as parent. Again, use F3 to jump through all children.